Polarity Productions

I have been making music, sounds and creating tutorials for 20 years. If you need someone for your project, write me a mail.

Music Releases

Over the years I have created many pieces of music and released them on various labels. You can listen to an incomplete list on bandcamp. Or check out a complete list of Polarity releases on discogs.

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Watch me as I create tracks and sketch in Bitwig. Ask questions during the livestream and enjoy the entertainment.


Video Tutorials

I create small to medium length videos on youtube in which I try to bring you closer to music production, mainly in bitwig.

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Evolving Sounds & Sequences

I have built 12 presets for Bitwig which should bring the new modulators and devices of version 3.2 closer to the userbase.

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Space Time Color

19 presets for Bitwig Studio with the Audio Effects theme. All effects are specialized in changing audio in space & time or coloring sounds.

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DEV / Community Builder

My enthusiasm for music arose in a time when the internet was quite young. So I always looked for possibilities to present my music there. On this way I got the skills to build websites & tools.

scriptshit | producer-network | bitwig.community

Support me

If you like what I do and want to support me so that I can continue to do this as long as possible, then maybe you would consider a donation or a subscription on patreon.

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Contact me

If you want to contact me, or have questions about music production, web development or youtube videos, please write me on discord. I am available every day.

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