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I have been making music, sounds and creating tutorials for 20 years. If you need someone for your project, need help or inspiration, just drop me a mail.

this is what i do

Music Releases

Over the years I have created many pieces of music and released them on various labels. You can listen to an incomplete list on bandcamp. Or check out a complete list of Polarity releases on discogs. Bandcamp

Music Tutorials

I create small to medium length videos on youtube in which I try to bring you closer to music production, mainly in Bitwig. Always practicable, always usable and always fresh. Youtube: Polarity Music

Jams & Sessions

Everything that doesnt fit into a release or is too long for the usual media format, i put on my music channel. Listen to some long drones or Blade Runner inspired Ambient. Youtube: Polarity Music Only

Live Stream

Watch me as I create tracks and sketch in Bitwig. Ask questions during the livestream and enjoy the entertainment. https://polarity.live/ polarity.live

Bitwig Community

My enthusiasm for music arose in a time when the internet was quite young. So I always looked for possibilities to present my music there. On this way I got the skills to build websites & tools. bitwig.community

Tools & Resources

I create presets & tools for you to use in your daily music productions. Stuff thats easy to use and gives you nice results. Subscripe on my Patreon to get access to all kinds of tools. Patreon & Youtube Membership

Bitwig Guide

In depth guides for how to use Bitwig. Each Device, each modulator explained. Also: A free and easy to follow Gird Course. Youtube: Bitwig Guide

Blog & Articles

All my tutorials & content in one place. Easy accessible and searchable. Polarity Blog & Articles

get in touch

Don't hesitate to reach out to me. I'll do my best to respond as soon as I'm able.
If you're seeking more in-depth guidance or assistance, consider subscribing to my Patreon at the relevant tier.
I'm here to help!